Inverter IPC 307

New Inverter Phase Checker

The IPC-307 is an intelligent and easy to use diagnostic tool for problem solving in Inverter driven Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems. The Inverter Phase Checker will pin-point the specific cause of problems by measuring, recording and analysing the output sequences from the inverter control board, providing clear indication of correct operation.

A "must have" diagnostic tool for the modern Air conditioning and refrigeration engineer. Prevent expensive and time costly unnecessary board swapping.

IPC-307 Feature List
Compatible all makes.
Small and portable.
Simple and quick connection.
Powerful magnetic mounting for hands free
Super bright LED indicators for bright sunlit conditions.
Audible indication of phase activity and test conclusion.
Memory feature. Don't miss a test. Stores the test results in memory for instant recall. Professional test leads with shrouded safety connectors for interchangeable probes.