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Ref: CEH-1000
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Ice Bank ControlSmall format with top entry connec...

The Ice-bank Controller switches a compressors to regulates the thickness of ice on an evaporator coil in appliances such as beer and drinks coolers, milk coolers, automatic vending machines, etc.
The desired ice thickness is achieved by the positioning the sensing electrodes at a set distance from the evaporator coil.

A safe low voltage and very low current electronic signal passes between electrodes to sense the conductivity difference between ice and water. The characteristic of the sensing signal prevents electrolysis, ionisation and corrosion of the probes, providing long reliable.

Voltage                                     220 - 240V or 105-115V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption             Less than 1.5 VA
Switching capacity                 16A/ 250VAC, 9A/ 250VAC COSØ= 0.4
Ambient Operating                 -10°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature            -25°C to 85°C
Sensor/ Power Isolation        4,2 kV
Enclosure Material                  Black ABS (UL94 V-0)
Terminal Sizes                         Input 6,3 mm
                                                    Sensor 4,8 mm
Switching Resistance            43 K Ohms Relay In
                                                    95 K Ohms Relay Out
Maximum sensor length        5M

Model                             Supply                                                ON/OFF

Variants                         Voltage                                                Delays       
1                                     220-240V   50-60 Hz                         15/30 segundos *
2                                    115-120V      50-60 Hz                         15/30 segundos *
3                                    220-240V   50-60 Hz                          3/15   minutos
4                                    115-120V      50-60 Hz                          3/15   minutos


When the electrodes become surrounded by water an increase in conductivity is detected. The compressor is switched on and ice begins to grow on the evaporator coil. Once the ice grows sufficiently to cover the electrodes, the sensed conductivity decreases and the compressor is switched off.

REF: CEH-1000

REF: CEH-1000 / Estado: Disponible